“Breaking: Iran Rolls Out Visa-Free Travel for Indian Tourists! Find Out the Exciting Details Inside!”

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Iran has recently announced a visa-waiver program for Indian travelers arriving by air for tourism purposes, permitting a maximum stay of 15 days. This initiative, effective from February 4, is subject to four conditions as specified by the Iranian embassy. Notably, Iran had earlier approved a similar visa-free program for India and 32 other countries in December. This move aims to enhance tourism accessibility and strengthen international relations, benefiting countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Iran Iran and India meeting

Iran has clarified that people with regular passports can visit the country without needing a visa once every six months. They can stay for a maximum of 15 days each time. However, it’s important to note that this 15-day period cannot be extended.

The visa waiver only covers people visiting Iran for tourism purposes. If Indians want to stay longer, make multiple trips within six months, or need different types of visas, they have to get them from Iranian missions in India. This waiver is specifically for Indian travelers entering Iran by air.

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Last month, India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar visited Iran and had important discussions with his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, about a range of issues affecting both countries and the region.

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